Thursday, June 21, 2012

Negotiate with the Nusery at Lowes??? YES, YES, YES!

There comes a time when we girls have to share our secrets.
Here's one of my BIG ones!
Would you ever think you could negotiate with the Manager at your local Lowes Nursery?
YES you can! 
Here is how you do it.
Have you ever noticed the BIG rolling metal shelf racks they bring out when
you think they are about to restock?
Perhaps this is the case, but most times what they are doing is removing plants that have bloomed up so much that they are taking up so much real estate that Lowes just wants to get them out.
Classic example I am showing you here are these Beautiful Hydrangeas.
The nursery had shoved them carelessly onto the rolling racks and stopped pruning them or really caring for them.  They had marked them down from $24 or so dollars each to $19 each. 
Still expensive for flowers that needed some TLC.
The SECRET is to find out from the clerks or the Manager when their next shipment of flowers will be arriving.  They normally are very forthcoming and are happy to tell you because they need to move new merchandise.  Once you know that the new shipment will arrive...for example tomorrow...since they normally come in 1 time a week you return the next day.  They are still loaded down with in my case loads of Hydrangeas at the end of Spring and ready to move them out and display
new Summer Flowers or Fresh Hydrangeas.
Look, the ones on the for sale racks even had new blooms, just needed some love!
So I am here to tell you that when that new shipment arrived I was there.  The Manager and the GM of the nursery were there trying to determine where to place all their new merchandise.  Lots of landscapers may know this trick, but if you are willing to take on a load all at once you are in!  They simply needed to unload the merchandise and since to them it has a shelf life and they do not have the time or the staff to care for them or house them they will do these kinds of deals.  You just have to be able to NEGOTIATE!

Ladies I am here to tell you that all these WONDERFUL flowers you see here were
purchased for .75 cents each.  I bought about 30 Hydrangeas as you can see.  I spent an afternoon pruning, feeding and watering them and they were as good as new! 
All of my favorite neighbors received a plant just for fun so I could share the wealth.

I spent about $25 DOLLARS Total.
These images are when they were still in pots prior to my poor fiance having to dig me a new flower bed; however we have enjoyed cut flowers in the house for several weeks and
now they are beginning to rebloom in their new beds.
Next Spring I will have a lovely garden of Hydrangeas full of color for $25,
while some might have spent $750 to have a garden full.

They made quite the display in the neighborhood!
MY secret to YOU.  Be a Sharp and Savvy Shopper and don't be afraid to ask or negotiate.
They can not throw out the merchandise, they have to sell it even if it is for pennies on the dollar.
Even my baby girl "Prissy" who is a Rescue and is half Dalmatian and half Pitty loves Mommy's flowers!
She is very REGAL when around beauty.
Have a Great Day!


  1. Thats a great tip you shared.. I was at lowes last friday and there was an adorable little tree sitting all alone on a cart. I stopped the man passing by me and said- how much it this and he said. $4.50.. I bet you know how fast I said " I'll take it" lol.. she is home and planted and seems to be loving it among her larger cousins in the front landscape.

    I'll be going back and trying your tip on friday.. look out Lowes, here I come.

    1. That is so great that you got the little lone tree! I love to garden, really is my hobby and passion in life. Removes the stresses of the day. So glad you stopped by my new Blog. I am enjoying chatting with you ladies so much.

  2. Vanessa -- what BEAUTIFUL flowers and a treasure of a tip. I did visit my favorite nursery this week and got 2 big old ferns for my front porch for 50% off. I couldn't believe it -- they are huge and I only paid $19.00 for both of them. Can you tell that made my week?, lol.

    Glad to find your blog from Yvonne's TTT party. I think I'll follow along :)


    1. Gail thank you so very much for stopping by my vey NEW Blog & Boutique. I could not help but share that tip about Lowes, just too good to hold in. I am going to love being apart of the TTT party and hope to meet many new bloggers as well.
      Take care of those ferns...I would love to see how you hung them.

  3. Vanessa,
    Great tip! There seems to be an abundance of Hydrangeas this year and they are such a pretty flower. Yours are lovely there. What a handsome dog you have.
    Have a great day.

    1. Pat,
      Thanks so much for stopping by my VERY new Blog and Boutique.
      I love my little girl "Prissy" I just had to have her in my pictures with such pretty flowers. Can't wait to post how they rebloom very soon. They are just taking root in the ground now so I am hoping to have a great crop.

  4. This is so well done, Vanessa. Love the story and Prissy. Keep it up. xx's

  5. 75 cents!!!???? are you kiddin' me?? That's amazing. I was just at Lowe's yesterday. Wish I had known that. Thank you for the tip and love your blog. :)

    1. Yes can you believe it! You must try it out for yourself one day. Thank you so very much for stopping by my VERY NEW Blog and Boutique. I am excited to meet more ladies and I feel like I get to ready Southern Living every day when I open my favorites!

  6. such a great deal! beautiful flowers, vanessa! sweet pup, too!

  7. WOW! I have gone round and round with them about the trash cart and they just won't GIVE! It makes me so mad! What a score you've got there! I love hydrangea... you can never have enough!
    I came by the other day and you had just started your blog and now you are a posting maniac! Go girl!

    PS - Loved your comment on Mom's blog.

  8. Wow Vanessa what a great idea!!! thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tip, I will be trying it for sure...

  9. This is fantastic! What a genius idea! Thank you so much for sharing your little secret! I found you through Savvy City Farmer and will be following and reading more wonderful posts! I've also been drooling at the lovely jewelry on your web site! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Leena


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