Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Vintage Infused Look.....

Every home should have monogrammed napkins with the family initials or crest. It’s just proper.

just a little example of one of the new things coming for Fall/Holiday

pillow covers, tea towels, guest towels, shopping bags

all with antique black/white transfer prints

unique & original

just what I promised when I began my web-site

what do you think?

A Committment

yes, I've discovered that blogging successfully is, indeed, a committment.

a committment I will enjoy.

there will be 
home & garden
a bit of fashion

as it's Sunday I thought you might like to see some beautiful
vintage art

"Queen of the Night"
Leon Bakst

much much more to come,

won't you please join me?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Negotiate with the Nusery at Lowes??? YES, YES, YES!

There comes a time when we girls have to share our secrets.
Here's one of my BIG ones!
Would you ever think you could negotiate with the Manager at your local Lowes Nursery?
YES you can! 
Here is how you do it.
Have you ever noticed the BIG rolling metal shelf racks they bring out when
you think they are about to restock?
Perhaps this is the case, but most times what they are doing is removing plants that have bloomed up so much that they are taking up so much real estate that Lowes just wants to get them out.
Classic example I am showing you here are these Beautiful Hydrangeas.
The nursery had shoved them carelessly onto the rolling racks and stopped pruning them or really caring for them.  They had marked them down from $24 or so dollars each to $19 each. 
Still expensive for flowers that needed some TLC.
The SECRET is to find out from the clerks or the Manager when their next shipment of flowers will be arriving.  They normally are very forthcoming and are happy to tell you because they need to move new merchandise.  Once you know that the new shipment will arrive...for example tomorrow...since they normally come in 1 time a week you return the next day.  They are still loaded down with in my case loads of Hydrangeas at the end of Spring and ready to move them out and display
new Summer Flowers or Fresh Hydrangeas.
Look, the ones on the for sale racks even had new blooms, just needed some love!
So I am here to tell you that when that new shipment arrived I was there.  The Manager and the GM of the nursery were there trying to determine where to place all their new merchandise.  Lots of landscapers may know this trick, but if you are willing to take on a load all at once you are in!  They simply needed to unload the merchandise and since to them it has a shelf life and they do not have the time or the staff to care for them or house them they will do these kinds of deals.  You just have to be able to NEGOTIATE!

Ladies I am here to tell you that all these WONDERFUL flowers you see here were
purchased for .75 cents each.  I bought about 30 Hydrangeas as you can see.  I spent an afternoon pruning, feeding and watering them and they were as good as new! 
All of my favorite neighbors received a plant just for fun so I could share the wealth.

I spent about $25 DOLLARS Total.
These images are when they were still in pots prior to my poor fiance having to dig me a new flower bed; however we have enjoyed cut flowers in the house for several weeks and
now they are beginning to rebloom in their new beds.
Next Spring I will have a lovely garden of Hydrangeas full of color for $25,
while some might have spent $750 to have a garden full.

They made quite the display in the neighborhood!
MY secret to YOU.  Be a Sharp and Savvy Shopper and don't be afraid to ask or negotiate.
They can not throw out the merchandise, they have to sell it even if it is for pennies on the dollar.
Even my baby girl "Prissy" who is a Rescue and is half Dalmatian and half Pitty loves Mommy's flowers!
She is very REGAL when around beauty.
Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1 Gals Trash...This Gals Treasure!!!!

As I have gotten older I have learned to look at things
for what they could be instead of what they are!

Now ladies, you all know I am speaking merely of THINGS & not MEN...

Last week I came across two items that were being thrown out by a neighbor.  Thankfully this was a neighbor I knew and felt comfortable enough to tell her that if she did not want these items any longer I would be happy to take them off her hands.  She laughed and agreed. 
I smiled and thought this will be a nice afternoon craft that will make me smile in the end...and perhaps my neighbor as well.

With 1 can of WHITE SPRAY PAINT it is a wonder what I can do. 

So here we go...learning to look at things
for what they could be instead of what they are!

   Lowes $4.50, 1 Can of WHITE SPRAY PAINT!

One dirty, heavy, metal table stand.

One dirty, cute wicker basket for perhaps rolled wash cloths
for the guest bath...or just cut flowers on a walk.

5 minutes scrapping old paint, 5 minutes to Spray.

Just 1 can of Spray Paint!

"My" New Plant Stand & Little Wiker Basket.
My neighbor SMILED!

Have a Great Day ~ Vanessa

Monday, June 18, 2012

Do It Yourself Summer Entertaining Fun with Ice & Fruit!

What we are going to do is create an ICE BLOCK for decorating your pitcher for your guests INFUSED with FRUITS of your choice.  Today's example will be Blueberry & Watermelon since we are getting close to the 4th of July and I was feeling the good 'ol RED, WHITE & BLUE Spirt of things.

1. Small Paper Milk Cartons are always a great way to make your
Decorative ICE BLOCK for your pitcher.

2. Once you have used your contents of a milk carton, rinse well to prepare for your water and fruit.

3. Today's example again is Blueberries.  First place your Blueberries in the carton, fill with water, seal the cap & lay the container in your freezer on it's side so the fruit settles the full length of the ice block.

4. Plan ahead because you will need to freeze your carton overnight, so this does take some prep time.

5. If you choose to have another fruit have it cut and ready once you are prepared to put your ICE BLOCK in your pitcher. 

 I have shown here the amout of Blueberries
I used for this example.

 Choose a large or small pitcher for your table that will show off your ICE Fruit block.  I chose more of a vase for this example because I love the color for the RED, WHITE & BLUE theme, plus it was large enough for my guests to all have
a nice mason jar full!


I share this with you since I learned the hard way
on my first go around. :)

Once you have a good frozen block you will want to sit it in luke warm water (not hot) for about 10 seconds to shock the ice away from the carton's walls.  This will allow you to peel the carton off with ease and not leave resedue
on your ready to serve ICE BLOCK.

O.k. you are ready to begin to peel your carton off your block.


Simply peel away the carton and TA'DA!

You can always add much more fruit if you like!

I chose to cut and add Fresh Watermelon to the
water for a nice RED color.
I did not put it in the ICE since I wanted the immediate infusion
of taste from the Watermelon.

Add your block to your ICE water, along with any additional fruit & you are ready for your table setting.

If you decide to try something similar at home
please share it back with me. 
I would love to see different ideas!!!! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just Launched!

I am happy to have joined the world of Blogging today...though a bit out of my league for now, I am very excited to begin a new chapter for
Vintage Infused!

I began as a UpScale HyBrid Boutique by the same name, and now I am here with you to share my crafts, thougts, inspirations, and ideas.

Here are just a few samples from my Shop for you to enjoy...

Designer Dog Beds...only for the most spoiled DOGS!

Yard Chimes, 100% Copper, Suncatcher Sea Glass.

Fine Art Gicless Prints from Rome, Italy!

Hand Made Custom Children's Shoes.

Hand Made Custom Children's Accessories
Infused with Anitque or Vintage Charms!

These are only a few samples of what Vintage Infused has to offer in my shop, but I have alot to share for reading enjoyment coming soon...