Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just Launched!

I am happy to have joined the world of Blogging today...though a bit out of my league for now, I am very excited to begin a new chapter for
Vintage Infused!

I began as a UpScale HyBrid Boutique by the same name, and now I am here with you to share my crafts, thougts, inspirations, and ideas.

Here are just a few samples from my Shop for you to enjoy...

Designer Dog Beds...only for the most spoiled DOGS!

Yard Chimes, 100% Copper, Suncatcher Sea Glass.

Fine Art Gicless Prints from Rome, Italy!

Hand Made Custom Children's Shoes.

Hand Made Custom Children's Accessories
Infused with Anitque or Vintage Charms!

These are only a few samples of what Vintage Infused has to offer in my shop, but I have alot to share for reading enjoyment coming soon...

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Vanessa. You will find so many wonderful women with whom you have much in common. Keep it up, a take a bit of time to gain a following. Keep posting.


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