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An introduction to cedar & it's theraputic benefits!
Cedarwood or cedar wood essential oil is taken from a number of closely-related cedar trees, from theCedrus family.  The oil is taken from the actual wood of the tree, and it subsequently has a woodsy, spicy scent.
Cedarwood oil has been used for thousands of years, and the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used it for various medical conditions. Cedarwood incense was common in ancient Egypt, and is still used in Tibetan Buddhist religious ceremonies to this day. The ancient Egyptians also used cedarwood oil extensively in the mummification process.
This wonderful essential oil has many, many healing properties, but it is most often used for its tranquilising effect. Cedar wood oil is also a valuable tool in skin care products.
As an astringent, cedarwood essential oil can help cure toothache, and can help the gums tighten around the teeth
The astringent properties of cedarwood oil also cause it to give muscles a youthful elasticity and to tighten the pores of the facial skin.
Another fantastic effect of cedar wood oil is that it is anti-sebhorroeic, which means it helps clear up the dreaded skin disease sebhorroea.
Cedar wood oil can also help cure acne, dandruff, and other skin diseases and infections.

Cedarwood Aromatherapy
Used to scent a room through an aromatherapy oil diffuser, cedar wood essential oil has a strong calming, relaxing, and sedating effect.
It can be used in case of extreme stress, and it can even act as a pain reliever by relaxing the muscles. For someone who is very tense, including this in an aromatherapy oil blend can really someone help de-stress and un-wind during an aromatherapy massage.
Cedar wood oil is particularly soothing to a strained mind, and it can help relieve anxiety. 
It is also a good sleep aid, especially when sleeplessness comes from stress and worry. Because of this, cedar wood oil is often used in an aromatherapy oil diffuser to relieve the symptoms of insomnia. 
Other health properties of cedar wood essential oil
Cedar wood oil is also both a tonic and an astringent.  As a tonic, it helps tighten and tone the muscles of the body, including the stomach.
Cedarwood oil also improves brain function, tones the skin, and increases the body's metabolism, helping with weight loss and regulation.
Cedar wood essential oil is also excellent at reducing muscle spams in the digestive system, the heart, the lungs, and the nerves.
Used in a compress, an aromatherapy oil diffuser, or in the air, cedar wood oil can reduce coughing, and it can help with problems associated with the digestive system.  This oil is also a good expectorant, and it can be used in place of conventional, chemical-ridden expectorant medications to relieve cough and congestion associated with colds, the flu, and allergies.
Cedar wood essential oil also relieves other cold, flu, and allergy symptoms, influding runny nose, itchy, red, or watery eyes, and headache.
Since cedar wood oil is both an expectorant and a sedative, it can be used in a compress or an aromatherapy oil diffuser to relieve congestion and help cold, flu, and allergy victims fall asleep more easily and rest more deeply.
Cedar wood essential oil is an emmenagogue, which means that it stimulates blood flow to the pelvic area. When used correctly, cedar wood oil can stimulate menstruation. It can also regulate the monthly cycle if it is unpredictable.  Beyond this, cedar wood essential oil is good for women because it relieves the pain, nausea, and fatigue associated with menstruation and pre-mentrual syndrom.
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