Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Trip & Good 'Ol America Heritage!

Just took a quick over night trip to San Antonio, Texas. 
Yes, Home of the Alamo!
We had a great room on the River Walk which I highly recommend. 
The food is wonderful and the people watching is better...
Just real Southern Charm.
Take a boat ride down the water way to your next much fun!
Very quaint!
Great Views just for your walk. 
19 miles of water ways to enjoy!

We visited a wonderful Historic Location
called the Guenther House; which is home to
the oldest flour mill still in production!
The family built their home just behind the Mill so they could
always remain close to their work. 
True American Pioneer & Dedication to Hard Work.
The home is a preserved historic location, some what like a museum
of what life was like for this family in the early 1900's.
Carved wood table top...
Right side of this wonderful living room.
Left side...
This was a photo of the Guenther Family Bowling Team.
Notice they won a trophy at the bottom of the image!
It was displayed along side the image behind a glass case.
All the original pay log books were still there for the mill.
Mr. & Mrs. Guenther
Their family china was on display as well.
The main kitchen and back of the home has been made
into a working cafe to support the upkeep and preservation of the home.

We enjoyed lunch amoungst the misters and ducks!
If you are ever in Southern Texas,
San Antonio is a great weekend get away!

I know Guenther Mill Flower is still sold in Texas, but unfortunately it
is no longer in those fabulous muslin bags.
Look for the name if you ever make some home made
just might see the Guenther name and remember this bit of history.


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